Kenneth de Heer - Music Producer

Kenneth de Heer - Music Producer
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Artist & Label Owner
@ Digisounds Records

About Me
He started making music in 1985. The first instrument he played was the Electric Guitar. He has been active in several music groups since 1987 and worked on music with different styles such as Punk, Hardcore & Trash metal. In 1995 he began producing electronic music. From 1999-2002 he produced music videos for German music television “VIVA TV / Berlin House”. Publications on EP, LP,CD & Digital Download/Streaming Portals & Compilations Worldwide.
From 2009-2014 Labelmanagement for German Hardstyle Label Infection NL Records.
In 2009 founder of Digisounds Record Label.
For license request please contact me.

Distribution Dance All Day Musikvertriebs Gmbh Germany.
Kenneth de Heer

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